IB Rein company was founded in 1994 and it offers cleaning technology services. The main activities of the company are professional cleaning services and the sale of technology. The portfolio of services is focused on the target groups in the area of industry as for example agriculture, building industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, metal processing, car industry, chemistry, electro technology, timber industry and machinery. We are able to service public buildings with maintenance, cleaning and additional services. We offer a wide range of products and cleaning services for households and family houses.


Our portfolio:

1. Sale/ service of cleaning technology Kärcher brand and professional equipment Rothenberger brand
  • Cleaning dispensers
  • Sweepers
  • Steam cleaners
  • Hot water and cold water pressure machines
  • Vacuum cleaners for ash, oil, asbestos, dust and water
  • Carpet shampooing machines
  • Cleaning with dry ice
  • Cleaning and maintaining aids
  • Window cleaners
  • Pumps and irrigation technology
  • Sewage treatment
  • Cameras for monitoring and inspection of pipelines

2. Rental of cleaning technology:
  • Sweeper machines for sweeping public spaces and car parks
  • Cleaning machines for basic and deep cleaning. We also do impregnation and treatment of boarder floor,
  • Pressure cleaners for cold and hot water are used for removing chewing gums, graffiti, rust, oil and washing the trucks,
  • We use steam cleaners for removing lime scale and other strong dirt
  • Pumps for draining water in depths and in cisterns
  • Carpet and seats shampooing for cars,
  • Sewage treatment machines for professionals and amateurs

3. Special technology:
  • Vacuum cleaners for draining oil, asbestos and water
  • Inspection cameras for monitoring the pipelines
4. Technical and cleaning services
  • Cleaning and tidying industrial halls and administration buildings
  • Activities and work on high places
  • Facility management offers complex management of buildings form technical, administrative and cleaning service
  • Cleaning with dry ice and sand
  • Summer maintenance includes mowing and green areas care
  • Winter maintenance includes snow removal and takeaway
  • Rodent control and disinfestation
  • Removing of chewing gums and graffiti
  • Airplanes and ships cleaning
  • Cleaning attics and billets from pigeon droppings,
  • Carpet and seats cleating offers deep shampooing and disinfection of carpets
  • Housekeeping